Controversy Stirred Up by Self-Help Guide about Low Self-Esteem

AnnaRae Mills recently published a self-help guide titled “How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem.” The book is ideal for people wanting to know how to boost low self-esteem and get more out of life. However, the book has become controversial for two reasons.

A new self-help guide titled “How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem” is stirring up a bit of controversy. There are two reasons for the controversy. It all began when several people were allowed to get a preview copy of the book written by AnnaRae Mills. The book is now available on Kindle at in the online bookstore at Amazon.

The first reason for the controversy is that some people are surprised at the rather bold statement AnnaRae makes in the “guarantee” about the self-help guide helping people to get more out of life. Although the book offers some of the best tips to be found anywhere, it is made clear that the tips and ideas are of little benefit if not acted upon by the reader. It is similar to the lack of benefit a person gets from a treadmill that sits in the corner and gathers dust.

AnnaRae was being candid and frank about people needing to act upon the tips and information in order to make a positive difference their lives. However, some of the people previewing the book thought it was too bold and presumptuous and that it might scare off potential readers.

The second reason for the controversy, and the thing that really shocked many people, are the deeply personal stories from AnnaRae. There are many things that can shape and impact a person’s self-esteem. AnnaRae used several situations or events from her own life as examples of the types of things that could cause a person to have low self-esteem.

What really created the big controversy is that AnnaRae revealed that three different people sexually molested her on three different occasions. Only a couple of people were aware of this before the book was written. Many people were upset and thought it was wrong to go public about what happened.

AnnaRae defended the decision by affirming two things. First, it actually became sort of a healing process to get those things out into the open. Secondly, AnnaRae wanted to let other people know that is indeed possible to go through such events and not only survive, but to thrive.

The self-help guide can be seen at with several pages available for preview.

AnnaRae Mills is co-host for a variety of websites covering a wide range of topics. AnnaRae enjoys sharing tips and ideas with others. The self-help guide about low self-esteem is AnnaRae’s first book on Amazon.

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