Controversy Ignited on UFO Involvement in SpaceX Explosion — Are Aliens Real

'Are aliens real' controversy ignited by recent SpaceX explosion, when Elan Musk stated he would not rule out UFO involvement. New York Times bestselling authors of Battlefield Earth and The Alien Agenda share their views on UFOs and aliens. Book link:

With the SpaceX disaster and Elan Musk openly stating he would not rule out UFO involvement, it raises the age old question, “Are aliens real?”

Controversy about human contact with aliens and UFOs is nothing new.

In fact, in science fiction classics like Battlefield Earth, aliens answer NASA’s Voyager 1 probe with a devastating wipe out of the human race to extract Earth’s gold and other valuable minerals.

New York Times bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard when asked about the message of Battlefield Earth, stated, “You see, we have prepared for war with virtually everyone on this planet; but we’ve never prepared for war with aliens… Am I saying an alien invasion is possible? I am saying that the reader should decide. I just wrote the story. Regardless, it is the story of how mankind could survive, and why.” (Read the exclusive interview in the new edition of Battlefield Earth).

In 1957 only 25% of Americans surveyed believed in extraterrestrials. The majority (53%) did not, with another 22% saying they were uncertain. By 1997, public opinion had shifted with 48% stating they believed in the presence of aliens. Recently a poll was done on whether aliens really exist. An overwhelming 89% said yes, with only 10% replying no, and 1% undecided. (YouTube/AreAliensReal?)

While reported UFO sightings have increased 250% between 2000 and 2015, government confirmation of these sightings has remained mum. In 2015, when President Obama joked on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that aliens exercise strict control and therefore he couldn’t reveal anything about UFOs, there was a free-for-all in the press the next day as they tried to interpret and analyze what he really meant.

Jim Marrs is a multi New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist with over 30 years experience with several Texas newspapers. He stated, “I signed up for journalism to find out what’s going on and try to tell the public.” In 1999, he began teaching a course on UFOs, perhaps one of the first university level UFO courses in the nation. In his book The Alien Agenda he proclaimed, “The controversy over the existence of UFOs is over. UFOs are real.” (Ref: TheAlienAgenda)

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