Controversial Web Site Disappears to Google Users

It was reported and verified that the controversial complaints web site, Ripoff Report disappeared from the Google search engine. Despite the site still being online, it was virtually invisible to millions of people worldwide.

For approximately two hours on Wednesday August 19, 2015, it was confirmed that had been de-indexed from as well as international versions of Google. This was a major relief to business owners and individuals that have been adversely affected by listings on this notorious complaints web site.

“ could not be found at all in the Google index, it was completely wiped out. At the time, it was not clear if it was just a temporary glitch or a longer-term situation resulting from a legal battle or violation of Google’s terms of service. It was an absolute shame to see it back online so quickly”, stated Craig Brockie of Reputation Xperts.

Ripoff Report is a very powerful web site in Google, often ranking on the first page of search results for the names of businesses and individuals who have had reports filed against them. In many instances, these reports are not even legitimate consumer experiences and are filed anonymously or under fake names. Brockie stated, “It’s often a customer who didn’t pay, a disgruntled employee who was fired, or an underhanded competitor that file these reports.” And the results on the victims are devastating as prospective business opportunities are lost as a result of a highly visible Ripoff Report.

What’s worse is that site owner, Ed Madgeson refuses to delete reports from his site, even if they are proven to be false or slanderous in a court of law. Instead, he charges victims $10,000 or more up front plus $1,200 per year indefinitely to become “Verified Safe” by he and his team at Ripoff Report.

Online reputation management firms specialize in helping clients shape their public image on the Internet. This may involve helping businesses delete 1-star reviews and gain more 5-star reviews on sites like Yelp. It may also involve publishing press releases, generating inbound links and social media buzz as well as other related activities for both businesses and individuals.

In the case of a Ripoff Report though, the solution is not simple. Advanced tactics involve getting the individual report page “de-indexed” or removed from Google based on various technicalities, but that is typically only successful about half of the time. The other solution is to overwhelm and outrank the Ripoff Report with positive assets for the client, to push the negative listing well beyond the first page of search results where it will rarely be seen. There’s a popular saying in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry that, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google. The same could be said of Ripoff Report,, or similar listings. One just can’t leave it sitting on one’s first page of Google search results.

Campaigns to de-index or clear a Ripoff Report from the first page of Google can take weeks and often months to complete and require a great deal of know-how and resources. “It’s much better to be proactive about one’s online reputation and consider it protection or insurance for such a valuable most asset, one’s good name. But like most things, people typically don’t know they are at risk until there’s a problem”, remarked Brockie.

A free reputation report is available for business owners at and Reputation Xperts offer free consultations to those who have been affected by Ripoff Report and negative listings on other sites. The company has cleared negative listings for clients from the New York Times,, New York Post, Bloomberg, TMZ, Huffington Post and of course Ripoff Report and many other sites.

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