Controversial CBD Craze Worldwide Article May Upset Conservatives

Steel Eagle Fitness releases a controversial article titled "CBD Craze: 10 Key Facts: More information and the article itself can be found at

Steel Eagle Fitness has released a potentially controversial article “CBD Craze: 10 Key Facts You Should Know”, bringing some cause for concern, as the article may upset people that this product is illicit and grouped in with the thought that all drugs should be illegal..

The 1500 word article examines the high points and low points of the CBD Craze worldwide, in the pursuit of providing 10 Key relevant facts of the product CBD and for people concerned with trying the hyped benefits of CBD. In very typical manner though, a certain element of the article is set to spark discontent amongst Conservatives.

Below is a portion of the piece, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

Irrespective of all the prospective profits and healing which comes from the CBD, a lot of question are still being asked on details about the CBD like what exactly it is, its importance and legal status

A spokesperson for Steel Eagle Fitness, Jerry Sikula, says “Of course Steel Eagle Fitness never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our articles is first and foremost to provide a fair analysis of the subject and some key points to be aware of regarding CBD products. It is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice.

Although our “CBD Craze: 10 Key Facts You Should Know” might unsettle People that think that all drugs should be illegal., our duty is to our readers. We believe it’s more important to keep our target audience informed, than to please everyone. Which is notoriously difficult to do.”

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the article There are many that question the legality and also the true benefits of CBD oil products.

Steel Eagle Fitness has been a provider of in depth articles in the Health and Fitness market for 2 years.

Steel Eagle Fitness has stated the future aims for the website are to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle with reviews of products, recipes and fitness guidelines. So Steel Eagle Fitness hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended.

Steel Eagle Fitness’s complete article can be found at

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