Control Hunger Pangs Intermittent Fasting Behavioral Adjustment Guide Launched

A new guide to overcoming hunger pangs has been launched by Fitness Fahrenheit. It explains how a series of simple dietary and behavioural adjustments can improve success rates with diet and exercise programs.

The leading fitness information source, Fitness Fahrenheit, has launched a new guide to overcoming hunger craving, losing weight, and improving fitness and well being. The guide offers a wide selection of practical diet and behavioral tips as well as suggestions for exercise that have been proven to help control hunger.

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Even the most health conscious may find few things more difficult than adhering to a long-term healthy eating regime. Those on a diet will often feel hungry, and fast food is readily available to tempt those without willpower.

That’s why hunger makes staying with a healthy eating program so hard to achieve. Once people control hunger pangs with simple behavioral or dietary adjustments, they are better able to achieve their wellness goals with healthy eating and exercise programs.

The guide offers sound dietary advice, taking readers through the many benefits of a protein-rich breakfast at the start of the day and the importance of regular water intake. Doctors recommend at least eight glasses of water a day, which reduces appetite by filling the stomach and aiding body metabolism.

Eating meals from smaller plates can help people adjust to smaller helpings, as can incorporating fibre-rich food. Switching to decaffeinated coffee has also been shown to be a powerful appetite suppressant. The guide gives full details on these simple dietary adjustments that anyone can achieve.

A number of easy behavioral adjustments are also covered. Scientists have shown at least eight hours of sleep every day can reduce hunger and improve weight loss. Intermittent fasting has also been shown to help – as has incorporating specific exercise programs before meals. Stress can also be a big factor in hunger, so focusing on mental clarity can help with weight loss goals.

A wide range of foods make claims to help overcome the hunger that can ruin healthy eating and exercise programs. These include peppermint, omega-3, ginger, vinegar solution, magnesium and dark chocolate. The guide takes readers through the scientific advice behind the claims and gives useful information on where to buy these supplements at the best prices.

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