Contractor Umbrella Company Benefits HMRC IR35 Freelancer Report Launched

A new report has been launched by PAYE Umbrella Company, which showcases the benefits they can offer following new ruling by HMRC for freelancers. The company helps contractors in a range of ways and ensure operations run smoothly.

PAYE Umbrella Company has launched a new report focusing on the changes in the UK affecting contractors and freelancers working in the public sector. HMRC has begun classifying it’s public sector contractors as “inside IR35”, which has prompted fears that a large number of off-payroll workers are preparing to leave the organisation. As a result of this, the report explains that for contractors, it will be best for them to use umbrella companies going forward.

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HMRC is known to heavily rely on contractors in order to get a number of digital projects running, and there are concerns around how these initiatives will work moving forward.

Until recently, workers within the public sector were responsible for deciding if their contract fell inside or outside IR35, and if they were incorrect, then their limited company was liable for any unpaid tax.

With these changes, the responsibility will fall on the end client if they are a public sector body. In these uncertain times, working with an umbrella company like PAYE Umbrella Company can help to ease stress and ensure operations run smoothly.

An umbrella company is one that acts as an employer to agency contractors working under a fixed term contract assignment. The umbrella company will process timesheets received from the employee, then issue an invoice to the client for payment.

PAYE Umbrella Company offers automated online timesheets, expanses and project pay tracking, and a full tax deductible pension. In addition to this, it offers subsidised private medical insurance for critical illness, and a range of other employee benefits.

As one of the leading UK PAYE umbrella companies offering freelancers a UK based professional employment service, the company will take care of any tax and administrative burdens the individual may come across while they are operating as a business.

This helps to ensure the freelancer can enjoy their flexibility more. The company prides itself on its high levels of customer service, providing the best option to contractors in the UK.

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