Contact Center Performance Measurement Report For Agent Improvement Launched

A contact center expert has created a free downloadable report and a free quiz for industry professionals who want to identify operational blind sports and address them quickly.

A company specializing in the contact center industry has launched a free quiz and a report that can help industry players quickly identify areas of improvement in their business amid the global pandemic.

More information is available at

Both items are provided by contact center specialist CX Global Media to help industry professionals identify the blind spots in their operations. The quiz and report are available at no cost to anyone interested in measuring and improving their contact center’s performance.

Those who will download the report or take the quiz will have the opportunity to receive invaluable insights drawn from CX Global Media’s 21 year-long expertise in the contact center industry. These resources provide information and ideas that can be readily implemented to engage and retain top talent.

Upon completing the quiz, it will offer suggestions based on the responses it received. For example, if employee morale is lacking, it will offer free resources that can help employees feel understood and appreciated. It can be accessed at

On the other hand, the report was crafted with contact center leadership in mind since Jim Rembach, Chief Editor for CX Global Media, has made it his mission to address the decades-long problem of attrition in the industry.

Mr. Rembach has firsthand experience in enhancing the leadership and managerial skills of frontline supervisors as the founder of the Call Center Coach Virtual Leadership Academy and host of the Fast Leader Show Podcast.

He believes in the ever-increasing complexity of the industry and the need to share information that can address issues on agent morale and the best engagement ideas and practices because these factors are vital for the success of contact centers today.

“I want to help contact center leaders to rapidly identify their performance management needs because this global pandemic has exposed massive gaps in traditional contact center management practices,” said Mr. Rembach. “This quiz and report will enable contact center leaders to rapidly identify which key areas to focus on based on the research findings and their specific contact center performance needs.”

Founded in 1999, CX Global Media provides thought leader content, consulting, and solutions to the contact center industry. It is known for developing creative and innovative solutions to help contact centers deliver the best customer experience.

The report is available and at the URL above.

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