Consultant Helps Hospitals Improve Productivity and Organizational Effectiveness

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A newly updated service has been launched by Brady & Associates with a focus on helping hospitals to improve operational efficiency. They utilize cutting-edge systems and tools to reduce costs, manage staff, and enhance productivity.

Brady & Associates have launched an updated service to help hospitals improve operational efficiency and productivity. They implement cutting-edge strategies and solutions to reduce labor costs and allow hospitals to achieve their goals.

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The newly updated services are designed to meet the increasing need for organizational structure development in hospitals around the country. By working with Brady & Associates, the nation’s renown hospital organizational specialist, clients are able to leverage bespoke solutions to improve staff management and reduce expenditure.

The team at Brady & Associates explains that labor costs are any hospital’s largest and most controllable expense category. Now this can be more easily managed through working with their IMPACT database.

This contains validated benchmark information from more than 750 hospitals, 304 department types, and 24,000 departments. Reviews are all customized to meet the unique characteristics of each client.

By implementing this review system, hospitals are able to develop, calibrate and adjust department-level workload-based staffing standards. They can also track workload-based productivity, hours worked to hours paid, and overtime use.

A further benefit is the ability to seamlessly identify cost reduction opportunities and prioritize these for action.

Through the IMPACT database, services range from an on-site organization-wide staffing review through to a quick analysis of staffing practices. The team highlights that even by implementing small changes, they can produce large cost savings over time.

Data shows that a productivity improvement of only 5% across four departments can produce annual cost savings of $647,000 or more.

Alongside this, hospital managers can use the IMPACT Opportunity Inventory to provide real and lasting labor cost reduction and performance improvement. This can be achieved by systematically applying the Inventory’s tools to manage productivity issues more effectively.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Genuine and potentially very significant opportunities to increase net revenue and reduce expenses are available to hospitals that act to reorganize business lines, realign reporting relationships, and rethink corporate structures. Current and projected revenue and expense trends have created a perfect storm that makes taking action critically important.”

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