Conscious Pregnancy Author Challenges Modern Childbirth & Motherhood Paradigms

The Conscious Pregnancy Author, Shivani Gupta Bridges the Gap Between the East and the West on Modern Childbirth and Motherhood

Fort Lauderdale, FL —March 13, 2016 — Author Shivani Gupta helps women unlock the beauty and power of pregnancy through conscious living in this recently-debuted “East meets the West” guidebook, The Conscious Pregnancy: A Spiritual and Practical Approach to Creating a Zen Baby.

After a medically flawless pregnancy, her traumatic childbirth left her daughter inIntensive Care and Gupta in disarray. Gupta’s quest to find the answers laid the framework for The Conscious Pregnancy—putting a new tint on motherhood by transforming the birthing experience from a stale, white-walled mental prison into a transcendent experience for new mothers.

“Its more than just healthy eating and living,” said Gupta. “Medical check-ups and neo-natal care are a small part of pregnancy and childbirth. Finding a mental and physical balance while experiencing the miracle of carrying and birthing a child: those are key elements mothers are forgetting when they rely on the medical aspects of pregnancy alone.”

Raving Reviews

Gupta’s guidebook empowers women to follow their intuition, and to blend modern medical practices with ancient eastern healing modalities. Early reviewers have already benefited from reading The Conscious Pregnancy.

“It feels like I read this book in just one breath,” said Wanda Kruszynksa, Ayurvedic Massage Therapist. “Shivani brings sacredness and empowerment back to new mamas. Pregnancy is properly realized as a spiritual journey, and The Conscious Pregnancy provides everything we need for this sacred process.”

Book Available on March 13, 2016

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About Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta is the author of The Conscious Pregnancy: A Spiritual and Practical Approach to Making a Zen Baby. A born entrepreneur, Gupta has owned and run several successful businesses and co-founded an eco-conscious blog with over 10,000 subscribers and favorable reviews from topcelebrities, actresses, and Olympic champions. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, Vanity Fair, American Baby Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Examiner, and several other major publications. Gupta has a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Studies and completes her Ph.D. in Ayurvedic Studies in 2017.

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