Conscious Mind Spirituality Book The Unbound Soul By Richard L. Haight Published

Author Richard L Haight has published a new spiritual how-to book which clearly delineates the difference between mind and consciousness, called The Unbound Soul. Those who are seeking conscious spirituality and freedom mind-based disharmony can find more information at

Richard L Haight has published a new spiritual how-to book, The Unbound Soul, which clearly delineates the difference between mind and consciousness. The Unbound Soul was written to help those seeking to be spiritually conscious as well as those interested in a meditation method that directly applies to daily life. This how-to has highly digestible and practical information useful to anybody facing challenges such as shame, doubt, hesitation, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and purpose. Unlike other teachings, The Unbound Soul helps people to realize that their daily life carries all that is needed for spirituality to be realized consciously.

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How many times have spiritual books and teachers used the words consciousness and mind interchangeably? What is the difference between consciousness and mind as they are referred to in spiritual teachings? For the first time, there is a book that clearly and practically identifies the differences between consciousness and mind and through this identification, the reader is opened to a totally new and transformative realization that reverberates through their daily lives.

This new book from Richard L. Haight contains precise and detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by people who are seeking a more productive life driven by inspiration, not obligation and expectation. The book will help readers to find a practical spirituality in daily life that is free of mental and emotional disharmony such as doubt, hesitation, depression and anxiety, while living a life of inspiration as quickly, easily and with as little stress as possible.

The Author, Richard L. Haight, a certified master of martial, meditation and healing arts, states that this accessible, easy to follow guide provides all of the information necessary to deeply understand the topic, to get the desired results.

The Unbound Soul covers: The author’s personal story of how he came about this cutting-edge knowledge, the methods and tools that assist individuals to have the same realization, and various scenarios that elucidate how this knowledge is applied to daily life. Finally, the Author shines a light on the power of unconditioned love and its real transformative power.

When asked the reasons behind writing a how to guide on applied spirituality and meditation and what he hopes to accomplish with it, Richard L. Haight, said: “I see so many seekers of spiritual awakening, who are completely bound up by wise sayings which they have read in books. This is to say that these wise sayings swarm the mind causing even greater mental disharmony for the individual than they had before reading. The Unbound Soul was written to overcome this obstacle. Furthermore, I see so many individuals who have read countless books on spirituality and meditation, who still suffer from the very same ailments that they had before reading these books. This is a shame. If one practices what is conveyed in The Unbound Soul with sincerity, one is certain to make progress! If assistance is needed, I am available by email to answer questions or through coaching via Skype. I do not want to leave anyone in the dark.”

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