Conglomerate TELUS Proudly Highlights Partnership with Ultrack systems Inc

Ultrack Systems Inc. a total fleet-management GPS tracking and monitoring solution provider, is pleased to announce that TELUS recently highlighted the newly consummated business partnership.

Concord, Ontario–(News file Corp. – December 17, 2020) – Ultrack Systems Inc., currently trades under the ticker symbol MJLB a total fleet-management GPS tracking and monitoring solution provider, is pleased to announce that TELUS recently highlighted the newly consummated business partnership between TELUS and Ultrack Systems in online publications and other print media. Investors will have access to this aforementioned source material before week’s end.

TELUS currently trades under the ticker symbol TU on the New York Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of approximately $25 billion USD as of December 2020. TELUS company stock also trades on the Canadian TSX Exchange under the symbol T. The company was established in 1990 and is the second largest telecommunications provider in Canada and currently boasts over 12,000,000 monthly subscribers.

Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen stated: relationship with TELUS has benefited The Company on multiple levels. Firstly, TELUS’ technology was the right fit for Ultrack’s suite of products and services. Ultrack’s partnership with TELUS has made everything we offer better, faster, and more affordable to our subscriber base. Secondly, TELUS has also worked hand-in-hand with our design team to understand the nature of our business and develop scalable, custom solutions that benefit both us and them and that will carry us into the future. Finally, I trust that it is obvious to our shareholder base that this kind of professional exposure and validation from a major $25 billion dollar company like TELUS lets the investing public know in no uncertain terms that Ultrack systems Inc with ticker symbol MJLB is a very real and established company that is moving forward in the most cutting-edge ways possible.”

Ultrack Systems believes that several key quotes from TELUS’ source material will be of particular interest to investors:

TELUS wrote: “They [Ultrack Systems] prepared a phased approach to onboard new customers while converting their existing customers seamlessly over to the TELUS network. TELUS worked closely with Ultrack, focusing on developing systems and processes that took their multiple pricing plans and billing requirements, product roadmap, and hardware and software integrations into consideration.”

Ultrack Systems commented: Ultrack is thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with TELUS. The synergy between the two companies is profound and is just what we needed to stay on the cutting edge and offer more for less to our constituency.

TELUS wrote: “Since the TELUS partnership began, Ultrack has implemented a non-disruptive, phased deployment approach throughout the pandemic to its entire customer base, including all of North America and Mexico. This strategy has been beneficial within the last half of the 2020 calendar year as most of their clients are in the transportation and logistics business and are deemed essential workers.”

Ultrack Systems commented: TELUS understands the essential nature of our products and services which is to manage entire fleets that carry life-saving equipment, food, medication, and other supplies to people and places in need. TELUS’ robust infrastructure helps to ensure that our services work uninterruptedly.

TELUS wrote: “Future Expansion: With the pricing plans in place and a standardized process for new customer implementations, Ultrack has been able to focus on releasing their new hard-wired ELD device designed according to the Ministry of Transportation requirements and certified by their 3rd party certification organization. The device is the first of its kind and is available in the first quarter of 2021. The device will operate via the TELUS cellular network. It will conform to all Canadian regulations, including removing any risk of driver tampering by hard wiring the unit directly behind the vehicle’s dashboard. Files can be downloaded at any time and sent directly to the Ministry of Transportation, significantly streamlining compliance, data security, and reducing administrative processes by Ultrack’s back office team.”

Ultrack Systems commented: TELUS recognizes Ultrack’s commitment to stay on the leading edge of tech while staying fully compliant with the appropriate regulators. GPS fleet tracking and monitoring software must be agile and the technological infrastructure that helps to empower it must be equally as agile. TELUS has already proven to be the agile, scalable infrastructure necessary to catapult our Company into the future and past our competitors.

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