Confident Kids Successful Co-Parenting Skills Family Coaching Program Launched

Family life coach Tammie Shannon of The Shannon Success Strategies recently launched the "Confident Kids" program for parents looking to build a happy and healthy relationship with their children.

Expert life coach Tammie Shannon of The Shannon Success Strategies announced the launch of “Confident Kids”, a new coaching program guiding children through powerful techniques which assist in balancing emotional, physical and behavioral health. This new program also helps parents recognize and respond to the needs of their children.

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Family coaching program can help families and individuals identify their various values, wants, needs and goals and help the members come up with strategies to reach these goals. The newly launched “Confident Kids” program at The Shannon Success Strategies aims to help parents cultivate a happy and healthy relationship with their children.

A successful family coaching program requires a deep understanding of the relationship between family members.

Awakened life coach and success consultant Tammie Shannon is able to empathize with parenting struggles and understand the difficulties faced at various children’s development stages. She has over 16 years of experience assisting parents and working with children to educate and explain the effects of the fundamental foundations within their family structure.

Throughout the “Confident Kids” program, children will learn to cultivate a strong foundation of self confidence, self awareness and self worth. They will also discover the way for limitless potential through heightened focus, concentration and enhanced social skills.

The program starts with a 4-week strategy series which guides children and families through techniques that help balance their emotions and manage stress and anxiety. Excellent results can be achieved through weekly group sessions with the family or one-on-one sessions with the child.

Tammie Shannon said: “As a parent and a divorcee, I’ve learned that decisions we make affect our children and, in some cases, children become collateral damage, unintentionally. Children that come through our Confident Kids program, no matter their background or family situation, emerge with a stronger sense of self acceptance, love and trust.”

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