Concord California Alkaline Health Balance Kangen Water System Supplier Launched

Concord, California based water company Alkaline Live H20 has launched a new high quality water service offering Kangen Water Systems to its customers, who can also collect 20 free gallons of water and sign up to affordable product payment plans.

A new alkaline water store has launched in Concord, California, offering water produced by the Kangen Water System, which creates high quality filtered water and produces ionised alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. This high quality water can be used for a multitude of things other than drinking, including cooking, beauty treatments, and cleaning. Concord customers can buy the Kangen Water System from Alkaline Live H20 or get 20 free gallons before signing up to an affordable monthly plan.

More information is available on the Alkaline Live H20 website at:

Alkaline Live H20 explains that high quality water can change people’s lives. The company goes on to say that not every water is created equal, and the different types available have benefits and drawbacks like any other product.

Tap water is healthier than soft drinks for those who drink it, but according to the Environmental Working Group, there have been 315 pollutants found in tap water across America since 2004. Because half of these are unregulated, they can be legally found in water today. Bottled water is not necessarily much better, and costs much more when bought regularly.

Alkaline Live H20 says that the cells in people’s bodies need to stay at their natural alkaline balance for optimal health, and the modern diet can jeopardize this. Factors like dehydration, stress, acidic foods and drinks and processed foods can all contribute to a negative impact on these alkaline levels.

The water produced by Alkaline Live H20 is filtered to ensure its purity, so that it doesn’t contain high levels of chlorine or other contaminants and pesticides. In addition to this, it is formed of smaller water molecule clusters, enabling it to filter through the body in a better way that normal drinking water.

The water system uses innovative water technology to create two separate streams of alkaline and acidic water using electrolysis. A full list of benefits the water can provide is available on the Alkaline Live H20 website, where interested parties can also get in touch with the company using the contact form provided.

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