Concerned Citizens Outcry in the Once Greatest City in the Great State of Texas

“Whatever happened to Austin, Texas?” is not a question that people expect to hear these days. The assumption is that Austin is thriving as never before.

Yet, something is amiss.

Formally renowned as a city of broad avenues and lush landscapes, the capital of Texas and home to the University of Texas, Austin has long been a source of pride to its citizens – and, frankly, a pretty sweet place to live. Traffic problems were non-existent, and businesses were prospering.

The city and county government was headed by professional men and women who had the skill and wisdom for faithfully representing the residents of Austin and Travis Counties.

Then someone decided that Austin had to become weird – and worse yet, “Stay Weird.”

What’s wrong with this picture? To many in the city, almost everything.

More and more people are packing up and moving from cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Seattle and moving to cities like Austin. The reasons for this mass emigration may include the high cost of living, weather, taxes, and current political climate. And while Austin has always been a welcoming city, this mass exodus is not changing Austin for the better.

Austin is very weird. And getting weirder at an alarming rate.

This freak flood of transplants is turning this gentle town on the edge of Texas Hill Country into a depressing mirror image and other undisputed bastions of the crazy-to-go lifestyle.

And the locals are afraid that very soon Austin will be just like the very places these new residents are abandoning. The way many of these concerned citizens see it, every left-wing radical and kook de jour has migrated to Austin, in a mass influx Austin certainly never asked for and would have been far better off without.

With the increase of residents comes the expansion of local problems such as traffic, zoning, and water issues.

A downtown that’s now impossible to drive in. Bars open till deep into the night. Mega events that bring more traffic, law and order issues, and weird people that want to stay or move to Austin. Austin's water supply is the Colorado River, and it is a limited resource. And when do you say enough, and stop issuing building permits?

More importantly, a small group of these people are attempting to change the laws in their favor, slowly changing the city we love for the worse.

Bring Back Austin, a group of local Austinites, is concerned about these changes to the city. They are planning on shedding light to changes that threaten the city and way of life in Austin.

By exposing the cost and detrimental effects these people are having on our city it will give the vast majority of Austinites a better understanding of how downright silly and preposterous some of these laws and decisions are. Some which are creating a virtual nightmare for residents.

About Bring Back Austin:
Bring Back Austin is a local group from Austin, Texas interested in shedding light on the radical changes for the worse happening within our city. The group’s purpose is to bring much needed attention to the changes currently affecting this city.

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