Compression Garments Manufacturer Camel Hug Celebrates Third Year Anniversary

Camel Hug Manufacturer celebrates their 3rd year anniversary by achieving new milestones.

TORONTO (August 15, 2017) – Manufacturer of the popular Canadian compression brand, Camel Hug, is celebrating their third anniversary this month.

The company was founded in 2014 by veteran textile manufacturer Steve Cheang, motivated by his desire to find a solution to the muscle soreness he encountered from playing golf. Most of the products he found were too bulky, tight or uncomfortable. Using his knowledge of textiles, he developed a line of compression sleeves from camel hair now known as the most unique on the market.

Camel hair has long been recognized for its high thermostatic properties. Camel Hug’s range of compression sleeves provide higher or tighter compression as well as enhanced blood circulation while providing all day joint relief. The company started out offering compression sleeves, but the line has gradually expanded over the years to include cold weather wear such as thermal socks, winter hats and mock neck dickies.

“We are delighted to be celebrating our third anniversary this month,” said Trevor Lam, co-founder of Camel Hug. “It has been three years of tremendous growth. What started out as occasional sales at the neighbourhood strip mall in Thornhill, Ontario transitioned into small city fairs into a now growing online business. We look forward to continue providing people looking for joint relief with a natural, comfortable solution for many years to come.”

Camel Hug has sold to thousands of customers in Canada and Europe, both online and offline. In May, the company launched their products in the United States market. And their impact continues to grow; Camel Hug has secured retailer relationships with massage therapy clinics, health & wellness store, outdoor retailers and sock stores.

One customer summed up the overall impact of the knee sleeves. Pharmacist, Ruth K. said: “I have weak cartilage in both my knees which makes them stiff – my knees feel even worse when I’m in air conditioned rooms. I’ve tried Tensor knee pads before but they are too tight and uncomfortable for me to wear for a long period of time. After I tried the Camel Hug knee pads for about ten minutes, I could feel my joints loosen up again and my mobility improved. Now I wear them every day either to warm up my joints or to stay mobile in cold environments. They’re so comfortable I can wear them all day.”

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