Comprehensive Survival Guide Survive Manmade Natural Disaster Strategy Released

How To Do Survival, a comprehensive guide on preparing for a disaster, has been released. The survivalists’ guide discusses methods a person can take to prepare for a manmade or natural disaster whether it strikes any time of the year or night or day.

Carlton Investments has released a new comprehensive guide How To Do Survival. The strategies available in the guide help people prepare for surviving manmade and natural disasters whether faced with a hurricane, flood, tornado, shortages or an unforeseen manmade event.

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Scientists have pointed out that natural disaster occurrences have increased and intensified in the last 30 years according to Statista, The Statistics Portal. Since 1980, eight of the world’s ten most deadly natural disasters have occurred post-2000, the deadliest of which was the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, with 222,570 fatalities.

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction reports that the need for systematic data for disaster mitigation and prevention is an increasing concern of both development and response agencies. It says that data collection, analysis and management can help both short and long-term development goals and help to identify and address disaster risks.

How To Do Survival discusses survival methods a person would need to know if faced with either a natural or manmade disaster event. It talks about what to do in the case of a disaster, how much money a person may need to have in the bank to recover, where to go, what foods to eat and how to survive with family and friends.

The comprehensive guide reviews the fact that there is no easy way to have everything the ultra-survivalist has prepared. It shows how to make a home secure during a disaster and prepared for something like a tornado, a flood or a hurricane or any form of disaster whether it is a natural disaster event or something that is a manmade disaster.

Major disasters can happen any time of year all over the country night or day. The How To Do Survival guide helps to identify the single most important thing for someone to do when a disaster strikes along with how to get organized and prepared.

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