Comprehensive Family & Emergency First Aid Kit Sunburn Treatment Report Released

The highly popular Patch-Up First Aid Kit provider has now announced the release of a new report with essential tips and advice on how treat mild sunburns and prevent further damage before seeking medical attention in the case of moderate to severe burns.

The popular Patch Up Products LLC has announced the release of a new report on how treat minor/mild sunburns at home and prevent further damage in the case of moderate or severe burns requiring professional medical attention.

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Patch Up Products LLC is the acclaimed company behind the highly popular and sought after Patch-Up First Aid Kit, which offers a range of 275 medical grade first aid items, including 40 unique pieces, in a well-organized, compact bag ideal to facilitate the best family emergency medical care anywhere, at any time.

In addition to the best-selling, professional grade family first aid kit, the company also provides a broad range of essential first aid tips, advice and guidelines to help families be prepared for some of the common day-to-day injuries and emergencies, which it has now expanded with a new report on how to treat sunburns.

The report offers essential advice on how to treat mild burns causing the skin to turn pinkish or red with tiny blisters by soaking it in cool water and applying an aloe vera gel or lotion to help soothe and heal the skin. It also shares tips on how to figure out when to go see a doctor and how to prevent further damage before seeking professional medical attention in the case of a moderate or severe burn.

More information on the essential ‘How To Treat Burns’ report, Patch Up Products LLC and its industry leading first aid products, including its professional grade First Aid Kit, Refill Kit, and Emergency Mylar Blanket Kit, along with a first aid guide, tips and advice to help ensure the safety and wellness of family and friends can be found at

Patch Up Products LLC explains that “we can all learn to handle the common injuries that can happen to our family or friends at any time. Cuts, scrapes or burns can occur throughout any of our regular activities, even around the house. That’s why it’s important to have an excellent first aid kit available at home and during outings. In the case of burns, knowing how to treat them is important to help prevent further damage even if they need medical attention.”

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