Company Acquisition With No Up-Front Capital/21-Day Business Strategy Launched

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While recent economic uncertainty has made life difficult for businesses across the globe, the current climate also presents new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. In response to this, a renowned business educator and author announces an expansion of his training program on buying and selling companies.

The latest launch from Jeremy Harbour, in association with Resources for Life Ltd, incorporates a 21-day growth strategy for the acquisition of ailing businesses, his new Go Do Deals book, and a three-day boot camp to help enrollees master the concepts behind his methods.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for would-be business owners. The 21-day plan offers subscribers a comprehensive array of resources and knowledge covering everything from purchasing companies without any upfront capital to sourcing motivated sellers.

Sometimes known as ‘business flipping’, the process of buying companies at a low rate to then sell for a much higher sum offers significant ROI for entrepreneurs. The Internet age affords numerous opportunities for buyers to acquire nascent operations and also access previously inaccessible markets, scaling up the business to maximize revenue at the point of sale. Turnaround time can be anything from months to years.

Included in the 21-day plan are rapport-building strategies, training on structuring deals without upfront cash, deal-closing techniques, tips on legal loopholes, increasing the value of a business, and a look at effective exit strategies and timelines.

Go Do Deals is the latest in a series of acclaimed books written by Jeremy. His other works include Agglomerate – an engaging study that debunks many of the myths surrounding entrepreneurship – written in collaboration with Callum Laing. By purchasing Go Do Deals, readers receive a complimentary e-book and automatic access to the 21-Day e-course.

About Jeremy Harbour

Jeremy has garnered a global reputation for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions. His experience of owning and operating a successful telecommunications company that was subject to regular acquisition offers – through ‘earn-outs’ rather than ‘buy-outs’ – led him to the realization that companies could be bought and sold without the need for upfront cash payment.

A spokesperson for Resources for Life Ltd says, “Go Do Deals gives readers a valuable approach to source and buy companies without having capital or borrowing lots of money.”

Jeremy Harbour and Resources for Life Ltd are making business acquisitions accessible for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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