Common Hazards That Invite Financial and Lifestyle Disaster

Mission Reports and Dispatches from Lookout Mission Central go a long way to protect and transform the assets, financial opportunities and preferred lifestyles of site members. This means better outcomes, fewer misinformed decisions, fewer compromises and more fulfilled dreams. Situation Intelligence always wins.

Lookout Mission Central provides regular content to the media Lookout Mission Central announces the launch of its new membership site dedicated to looking out for people by providing more options, better outcomes and risk protection in challenging situations in Business, Financial and Lifestyle environments. This will make a substantial, positive difference in many lives.

Before Reading the List of Hazards Consider This

Anyone can notice that currently there is often a crucial and exasperating gap in situation intelligence, in real information pertinent to a well informed business or financial decision. Despite the too much information age, this vacuum of sensibility is destroying lives because it is so widespread. Just try to find out how someone else fared in a similar situation -especially if it didn’t go well. Those in the media environment know how hard it is to gather, analyse, verify and communicate trustworthy data. Trust factors are low and privacy issues are the excuse of the century and there is an undeniable and growing exasperation in the public. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Common Hazards That Invite Financial and Lifestyle Disaster (with Hints of Solutions) Consider…

• how information needed to make an important decision is often omitted because it would affect the profits of others. Telltale signs can be obvious – know where to look.

• how a lack of clear and easy to understand documentation delivers confusion rather than clarity . Keep control of the deal by controlling documentation.

• how too little or too much trust creates misguided assumptions and hampers timing and outcomes. Don’t proceed if there are trust issues.

• how proactive coaching from time constrained professionals is missing in action because liability issues are in the forefront. Remind them of what risk tolerance is OK.

• how difficult it is to know what to be aware of and then how to handle it efficiently – including what partners, professionals or associates to choose. A step by step approach keeps the dance partner options open. Remember, the dance always ends.

• how difficult it is to know how others fared in the same situation and whether that is influential to a familiar situation. Try not to go it too alone.

• how many financial and business commitments, often based on close relationships, people make without fully considering the motives and consequences. Three words – asset ownership review.

• the results of not having alternative plans if things don’t go as expected. They never go as expected.

Ken Lagasse, a professional practitioner and founder of Lookout Mission Central, has gathered the experiences and technical expertise of many professionals into a tour de force multimedia membership site to meet the challenges of specific situations inherent in personal finance, small business operations and personal lifestyle issues. What is really going on? How many times was a deal was completed only to find others got a better one and not everything was revealed? Felt marginalized? Intuition shouted that something is missing?

There are many instances where only professionals know how the ‘system’ works or have the experiences of others to go by – and for the most part they are not talking. Until now.

Lookout Mission Central is dedicated to looking out for individuals with expert analysis, observations and advice.Mission Reports and other site content from LMC go a long way to protect and transform the assets and financial opportunities of site members. This means fewer bad decisions, fewer compromises and more fulfilled dreams. Situation Intelligence wins every time. Lookout Mission Central is a self-serve program using a, ‘here’s how it is and what can be done about it process’, specific to (eventually) many hundreds of situations.

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