Commercial Solicitors Offer Revolutionary Monthly Retainer Service

One of the UK’s top commercial solicitors, 2ndOpinionNow, are offering a unique monthly legal service to small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling business to have a commercial lawyer on tap at a fixed monthly rate. For more information go to

Earlier today, 2ndOpinionNow, one of the UK’s leading commercial solicitors, announced the launch of its new monthly fee service, which has been in development since early 2014. This service will save on legal costs for small and medium-sized companies by offering commercial solicitor expertise on tap at a fixed monthly rate, thus freeing business from the uncertainty of hourly rate legal costs.

Chaman Salhan, CEO at 2ndOpinionNow, says: “We are making available this new service because anyone familiar with the legal market will know that other solicitors charge for their services on an hourly basis. This is a problem because it prevents businesses from being able to budget for their legal expenses.”

This 2ndOpinionNow service will instead allow business to access legal advice whenever they require it based not on the usual hourly fee-for-service business model but rather on a monthly retainer business model. 2ndOpinionNow chose to offer this unique way of charging in response to the problem caused by the unpredictable costs of commercial solicitor services.

Chaman Salhan also said “We are offering this service so that 2ndOpinionNow acts as the client’s own in-house litigation and commercial solicitors. In this way our clients will feel secure that their litigation and commercial legal expenses will not overrun their budget.”

High-profile CEO Chaman Salhan, often featured in the media, has over 20 years specialist national and international commercial and litigation legal experience. 2ndOpinionNow has always aimed to stand out from the crowd. By offering small and medium-sized business the opportunity to have their own in-house commercial solicitors 2ndOpinionNow is fulfilling this mission while at the same time providing clients with the best possible experience at the best possible value.

This new commercial solicitor service is set to launch in January 2016. To find out more about 2ndOpinionNow and this exciting monthly fee service, go to

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