Commercial Solar Wholesale Price for Texas Businesses

Spark Solar is making taking Texas businesses solar easier and affordable with free feasibility tests and wholesale pricing on solar installations. It already makes sense for businesses to go solar, but things are now easier than ever to make the change.

Spark Solar is here to make a difference in the business world. many businesses struggled during the past year and as they recover from COVID-19, Spark Solar is doing what it does best for the small businesses and nonprofits of Texas. Spark looking for Texas native businesses and nonprofits looking to make the switch to renewable energy and solar power. The costs of operations of a small business can make or break them and so many were hit hard in 2020, which is why Spark Solar wants to provide a special service to your business to help lower your overhead/bottom line.

Spark Solar wants to offer a free service to your businesses. They are offering to run a feasibility study to see if solar is a good choice for certain Texas businesses or properties, and they are doing this service for free. Those who qualify will have the opportunity to go solar at wholesale price, meaning no markup on materials and labor. Commercial solar already has an amazing ROI, now it will be even better.

To most businesses that own their buildings… solar already makes sense, Spark just had to make it better. With tax credits, tax depreciation, and even local incentives, or grants, wholesale prices are here to sweeten the deal. Not to mention the environmental benefits of producing clean renewable energy.

Texas has climbed all the way to the number two state to go solar in and with a free feasibility study and high-quality solar equipment at wholesale price, Texas businesses have the chance to go solar easier than ever before.

Spark Solar is striving to create a better Texas with cheaper, cleaner, and reliable energy. They are on a mission to change the world for the world changers of Texas.

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