Commercial Smoke Eater Cigar And Weed Odor Removal Humidifier Products Launched

Elegant Bar has announced the launch of a range of smoke eater air purifiers for both the home and commercial premises. Their range covers all needs and their knowledgeable customer service team will be pleased to discuss any requirement.

Elegant Bar has launched a new range of smoke eater air purifiers that effectively remove vape, cigar, weed and cigarette smoke from the air. They offer powerful activated carbon air filters for home and commercial use.

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The site explains that all their smoke eaters have high CFM that rapidly circulates the air through the machine and cleans over 95% smoke. They have both portable smoke purifiers to clean the air in the home or commercial grade ceiling mount units for bars, lounges, casinos, or bingo halls.

Elegant Bar is a family owned Michigan firm that has grown to become the leading manufacturer and retailer of cigar humidifiers, smoke eaters and other cigar accessories. All their products are made in the USA and they also sell products for partner companies. They manufacture for commercial outlets such as cigar lounges, restaurants, country clubs and retail stores all over the US and Canada.

The Elegant Bar website contains valuable advice on the most appropriate air purifier for any setting. Those with HEPA filters have easy to replace filters. Those with a particularly high air impurity load will be interested in electrostatic filters, which can be washed clean instead of replaced.

To be effective, smoke eaters should have filters that contain the activated carbon. These remove the smells, odor, or gasses from any type of smoke and the more carbon there is in the filter the better it works.

The Elegant Bar customer service team will be happy to advise on any smoke eater or air purifier. As a rule of thumb they recommend that the filter should be capable of cleaning all the air in the room at least three times an hour.

For those with allergies it should be capable of cleaning the air five times an hour. When assessing any smoke eater or air purifier, attention should be given to the clean air delivery rate (CADR). The higher the CADR, the more effective it is.

Elegant Bar supply a complete range of smoke eaters and they also guarantee best prices with a price-match guarantee that covers both the item price and the shipping charge. All orders are shipped within three days of ordering with free shipping on all orders over $49.

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