Commercial Mortgage Broker Select Commercial Funding Announces Referral Program

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Select Commercial Funding, a commercial mortgage broker based in Atlantic Beach available at 877-548-9454, has announced the launch of a new referral program for professionals looking to earn fees

Select Commercial Funding LLC, a commercial mortgage broker based in Atlantic Beach, New York, announced the launch of a new and improved formalized referral program for commercial realtors and other real estate professionals interested in joining a referral partnership and earn referral fees of up to $5,000 for deals that close. The company specializes in the development of financing options and solutions centered on each client’s individual needs.

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The newly announced services have been developed as a creative approach to traditional marketing, as the competition among mortgage brokers to generate leads, attract new business, and increase customer base is growing fiercer than ever.

Surveys show that 71% of companies with referral programs report higher conversion rates, as over 84% of decision-makers are now starting the buying process with a referral instead of salespeople. Reports also state that the best way to boost sales and acquire new customers is through marketing-led referral programs that offer high fees to referral sources looking to make additional income.

Select Commercial Funding LLC works closely with each referrer to create an effective referral partnership program strategy that aims to help referrers earn fees of up to $5,000 for deals that close.

The company’s referral program services have helped numerous commercial realtors, attorneys, insurance agents, and residential mortgage brokers earn high referral fees for referring commercial mortgage borrowers and for successfully closing many mortgage loan deals.

With the latest announcement, Select Commercial Funding LLC continues to invest in the development of high-quality referral partnership solutions adapted to the diverse needs of commercial mortgage brokers and commercial loan brokers.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Select Commercial Funding LLC has over 30 years of experience originating commercial mortgage loans and dealing with a wide variety of lenders. The professionals at Select Commercial Funding LLC are commercial mortgage consultants focused on providing the best financing solutions for each deal and every client. We act as your professional commercial real estate loan advisor to help find the optimal financing solutions for you by offering personalized service and custom-tailored loan programs to suit your individual needs.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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