Commercial Fire Extinguisher Supplier Buckeye & Cato Safety Equipment Announced

The commercial fire safety equipment suppliers Labenco, LLC, with free quotes at 314 910-7221, are offering Buckeye fire extinguishers and Cato cabinets with quick delivery and volume pricing.

The leading commercial fire extinguisher suppliers at Labenco, LLC have updated their product range and are currently offering businesses throughout the lower 48 states Buckeye fire extinguishers and Cato fire extinguisher cabinets.

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The Labenco, LLC is a trusted women owned and operated commercial fire extinguisher supplier based in the Midwest, known for the quality of fire supplies it has been offering businesses and contractors throughout the lower 48 states in the US for years.

In line with its ongoing commitment to supply clients the finest fire supplies in the market, the company has updated its product range and is currently offering the famous Buckeye fire extinguishers and Cato fire extinguisher cabinets.

These include a variety of extinguishers and earth-friendly fire fighting foam concentrates all made entirely in the US and handpicked for schools, government agencies, churches, restaurants, police departments, hotels, apartment complexes, offshore facilities, airports, marinas, car dealerships or building sites.

Among them are versatile ABC commercial fire extinguishers capable of handling any class of fire, CO2 extinguishers perfect for commercial kitchens and factories, halotron ones for more sensitive, delicate equipment like PCs and engines, water & wet extinguishers for class A fires and portable marine ones for any fire one might encounter while on the water.

All of them are sold with convenient volume pricing to pass on significant savings to the client, shipped directly from the manufacturers’ within a couple of business days and paired with all the labels and tags required.

The CEO of Labenco, LLC, Lou Brummet, explains that “we are happy to continue providing our customers the finest US made fire supplies. And we have chosen to focus on the Buckeye fire extinguishers and Cato cabinets because of their ability to combine quality with quick delivery, and volume pricing.”

To get free quotes, consult with one of the pros at Labenco, LLC or find out more about the fine range of Buckeye fire extinguishers and Cato cabinets they can offer businesses around the country, clients can call 314 910 7221 or visit their website at the link provided above.

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