Commercial Business Energy Comparison Broker Services For Better Rates Launched

ParTel Energy Solutions has launched a new energy comparison and broker service aimed at commercial and business customers to find the best rates possible.

ParTel Energy Solutions has announced the launch of a range of energy comparison and broker services aimed at commercial and business customers across the US and Canada.

The newly launched services are designed to save customers money by finding them the best rates possible for their electricity and natural gas. ParTel Energy Solutions, in its partnership with Broker Online Exchange (BOX), utilizes proprietary software to scan and search the best rates available from over 90 suppliers in every deregulated energy market in the country.

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Supplier preference is a new form of consumer choice that has become available with the deregulation of energy markets giving commercial consumers a Choice of suppliers rather than being served directly by utility companies. ParTel Energy Solutions provides customers with personalized business support to ensure the solutions provided are tailored to their specific needs.

ParTel prides itself on offering unbiased access, pricing, and support to any business with an energy need – regardless of whether they are small office or a large-scale manufacturer.

As an independent, well-capitalized company, ParTel supports customers around the US and Canada to empower them to make their business operations as efficient as possible. It has the appropriate certifications and licenses to operate in every deregulated gas and electricity market in North America through its partnership with BOX.

The expert team behind ParTel Energy Solutions suggest there are many advantages to operating within the deregulated energy markets. There is an element of competition for suppliers that encourages them to differentiate themselves from their competitors while also putting customers first.

A company spokesperson said: “The universal need for energy and the rise of comparison and broker services means utilities are changing the way they interact with customers.”

“Customers have more power and choice as to who their supplier is, which is causing suppliers to work harder than ever before,” they added.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to call or email Hari Patel, owner and founder of ParTel Energy Solutions.

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