Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair Spinal Alignment Posture Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched highlighting the benefits of the BackStrong Work Chair. It offers unique Sit In Motion Technology to help users enjoy more comfort and support throughout the day.

A new guide has been launched covering the BackStrong Work Chair and the benefits it offers for those spending long hours in the office. It highlights that the most common workplace health complaint today is back pain, and this can be directly linked to the chairs that staff sit in.

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The newly launched guide highlights that static posture has become the leading cause for musculoskeletal disorders. For those suffering from back pain, it’s important to get fast relief and choosing the right chair is an important component of this.

Readers will discover that back pain can vary from person to person, and body type to body type. It may affect the upper, middle or lower back, or the entire back. The majority of this back pain is caused by bad posture or inadequate back support.

The newly launched guide has been designed to combat this. It provides insight into the different types of back pain that people can experience, and the importance of flexibility in seating options at workstations.

The guide goes on to emphasize that while there is no single correct way to sit, seating should support postures that can be changed frequently throughout the day. The best chairs need to be able to accommodate work being done, visual demands, and the individual physiological differences of each worker.

The BackStrong Work Chair has been created to provide this high quality support. It is supportive of the lower back, and forces good posture. It also features patented Sit In Motion Technology, which moves and aligns all 33 vertebrae of the spine.

Those using the chair will find that it gently pushes a natural curvature into the lower spine and keeps users from sitting up straight all day. This allows for more comfort, even though the user doesn’t touch the upper back of the chair until they lean backwards.

The guide reveals that the BackStrong chair allows for natural movement of the pelvis and back, stimulating circulation and improving flexibility. It also encourages an increase in oxygenation and respiration.

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