Columbus Plumber Updates Sewer Video Camera and Hi-Pressure Jetting Services

Columbus, Ohio-based plumbing company, A Sterling Plumbing, uncovers “dark mystery” of video camera sewer inspection and hydro-jetting when it comes to unblocking drains.

A Sterling Plumbing and Drains, a Columbus, Ohio-based residential and commercial plumbing business serving the community since 2004, recently began heavily marketing its sewer video camera and hi-pressure jetting services, ultimately uncovering what its representatives call the “dark mystery” of camera sewer inspection and hydro-jetting when it comes to unblocking customers’ drains.

As one of the most valuable modern tools in the plumbing business, video cameras specially-designed for these environments boast waterproof elements that allow plumbers to conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines and other underground pipes, including those under cement and a home’s foundation. A Sterling sewer line repair technicians insert a rod with a high-resolution video camera on its end into sewer lines, these highly advanced drain cameras being flexible enough to travel through twists and kinks in sewer lines so pipes and pipe walls can be thoroughly examined.

Video footage from these cameras is transmitted to the A Sterling technician in real time, allowing the conditions within sewer and drain lines to be accessed immediately. Any problems within the system can be viewed on a monitor, and footage is saved for future reference – however, according to A Sterling Plumbing and Drains, these plumbing cameras are only one part of the company’s sewer line plumbing services inspection process.

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When it comes to high-pressure jetting – also known as hydro-jetting – A Sterling has been placing an emphasis on these services as of late, educating customers on the process of cleaning and unblocking drains through this method. As the name implies, this technique involves the use of high-pressure water in order to clean clogged drains properly while removing the toughest of blockages that might exist in drains and pipes. What’s more, A Sterling representatives point out that because the job is done professionally and correctly by its trained technicians, there is the possibility that customers may not experience any problems with their drainage system in the future.

While there are a myriad of traditional rooter service methods of unblocking drains, none of them, according to A Sterling Plumbing and Drains reps, can match the effectiveness of high-pressure water jetting. As Sterling Boggs, owner of A Sterling himself, explains: “Rooting or snaking a drain will never clean the drainage pipe fully, and it will ultimately leave residue behind even when the job is done. Some residues are sticky in nature and will cause the pipe to clog; to the rescue, in these situations, comes high-pressure water jetting, which cleans the pipes thoroughly, leaving no residue behind and ensuring a continuous, steady flow of water in the pipe.

“Indeed, when prospective customers Google the phrase ‘best plumber near me,’ there’s a reason A Sterling always comes out on top of that list…and high-pressure jetting is just the beginning.”

A Sterling reps such as Boggs also point out how high-pressure water jetting, compared to traditional methods of drain cleaning, is faster, cleaner and does a more efficient job. Since pressure water is utilized in this situation, there is no longer a need to add acid or chemicals, all of which leave a horrendous odor behind in a customer’s home or office. Furthermore, hydro-jetting represents a cleaner method that poses no health risks.

A Sterling Plumbing and Drains, offering emergency service when needed, is located at 3555 Groveport East Road and can be reached by calling (614) 332-6656. For more information visit their website cited above.

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