Columbus Ohio Functional Medicine Chronic Pain & Illness Treatments Announced

BioHealth Wellness Center has announced it can provide local patients with a non-surgical, non-drug functional medicine approach to restore them to health and wellness faster. Functional medicine has been proven effective with chronic pain, injuries, and illness.

BioHealth Wellness Center in Westerville, Ohio, has announced it can provide local patients with a holistic approach to healthcare. The expert team offers treatments for chronic pain and illness with a non drug related and non surgical approach that treats the root cause instead of focusing on the symptoms.

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The site explains that, by the time patients find BioHealth Wellness Center, they have normally tried everything they can think of with no real answers or help. BioHealth Wellness Center strives to offer the best service for local patients and aims to restore hope by finding the underlying cause of their problems. The team can provide customized, natural and drug free solutions to help people get back to peak fitness faster.

A full list of services is provided on the practice website, and includes toxicology, pulsed electro magnetic field, neurofeedback, BrainTap, Cranial Low Force Technique, health enhancement, and neuropathy recovery programs.

BioHealth Wellness Center says that it offers patients an unparalleled level of optimal wellness. Whether patients are struggling with illness, chronic muscle pain, or are recovering from a sports injury, the expert team can help and is open to accepting new patients now.

BioHealth Wellness Center states: “We use a functional medicine, non-drug approach to effectively treat a wide variety of chronic conditions such as various auto-immune conditions, thyroid issues, chronic pain, neuropathy and much more.”

The functional medicine approach offered by the team at BioHealth Wellness Center embodies toxicology, bio-chemistry and neurology methods. This allows them to treat a wide range of issues, and gives patients peace of mind knowing they’re getting the best.

BioHealth Wellness Center has a unique approach to achieving optimal wellness with all its patients. Patients will have two visits, with the first giving them a chance to discuss their health concerns and goals. Dr Siegel will also discuss the recommended treatment plan.

In the second visit, patients will go over any applicable lab results, and complete an initial toxicology exam. Then the patient can proceed on their path to wellness.

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