Columbia WI SR-22 DMV Insurance Filing Services For High-Risk Drivers Launched

Licensed SR-22 agent Compliance Insurance has launched an expanded range of services catering to clients in Waunakee, Fitchburg, Columbia County and other areas in South-Central Wisconsin.

South-Central Wisconsin-based insurance specialist Compliance Insurance has expanded its SR-22 filing services to residents of Columbia County, Waunakee and Fitchburg.

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As the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) continues to tighten its policies relating to high-risk drivers, the recently expanded services are designed to provide applicable motorists with up-to-date and fully compliant SR-22 filings.

The SR-22 is a form filed with the DRV to indicate that a driver has adequate insurance. It is not required by all drivers – however most people with an Occupational Driving License do require an SR-22. The form is also required for those drivers who are considered ‘high-risk’, usually as a result of serious traffic offenses.

Not all insurance agents are licensed to provide an SR-22 filing service. Compliance Insurance has many years’ experience filing SR-22 documents and is fully licensed to do so by the state of Wisconsin. The recent launch in Columbia County will extend the company’s regulatory knowledge and experience to motorists in those communities.

When an SR-22 expires, the subject’s driving privileges are immediately revoked. As SR-22 filings have variable lifespans of between 1 and 10 years, it is important that drivers with an SR-22 filing remain aware of how long it is valid.

As a part of the new services, Compliance Insurance provides clients in Columbia County, Waunakee and Fitchburg with the benefit of the agency’s experience in the field, including the monitoring of expiry dates. The company can contact the DMV on behalf of clients to ascertain the expiry of an existing filing. Alternatively, the agency can instruct clients on how to obtain this information for themselves.

The new SR-22 filing service is available both for those who have a policy with Compliance Insurance, and those who have taken out insurance with another provider. In each case, the company will file documents electronically to the DMV on the client’s behalf.

Following the filing of documents, the SR-22 is usually attached to the user’s license within 2 business days.

In addition to SR-22 filing services, Compliance Insurance also provides residents of South-Central Wisconsin with home, vehicle, and boat insurance as well as a number of specialized insurance products such as all-terrain-vehicles (ATVS), and motorcycles.

A satisfied client stated: “Fabulous place. I had my insurance there when I needed an SR-22 and it was inexpensive, on the spot and right to DMV within a half hour.”

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