Columbia MO Painters: Website Available Now for Painting Contractors

Share this news: is a professionally designed website that is currently available for lease to Columbia, MO painting companies.

Columbia, MO, USA – August 1st, 2014 /PressCable/ is now available for lease to individual painters or painting companies who serve the Columbia, Missouri area. This professionally designed and copy-written WordPress website features a video that highlights completed painting projects. It also includes a status bar at the top of the website that can feature deals, testimonials and timely marketing information for a local painting business.

View the website here:

Designed by Diana Ratliff of, the new website is intended to fulfill the online marketing needs of area painters who do not yet have a web presence, or whose Internet marketing is ineffective. The website can be expanded or modified easily to suit the needs of a local residential or commercial painting company.

According to Ratliff, website leasing (renting) is an increasingly popular online marketing strategy with benefits to both the painting contractor and the web designer. Ratliff explains “The initial outlay for web design services is simply not affordable for many painters. Also, when a painter hires someone to build a website from scratch, it's going to take time to build, they don't know how it's going to look or if it will show up in the search engines, and they are responsible for maintaining it long-term.

“By leasing a website like,” Ratliff continues, “the painting company knows what they're getting. The site can be modified quickly to include company contact information and details. And while there's usually a small setup fee to make those initial changes, the recurring fee to lease the website is much smaller and easy to budget for.

“Since there is typically no contract, and the site is actually owned by the web designer, he or she can simply lease the site to another Columbia MO painter and change the contact details if the painting contractor decides not to continue the lease arrangement.”

This website is available now to a single Columbia MO painting company. Information on related services such as wallpaper removal or power washing may be added for an additional fee. Please visit the site for more information and contact details.

Contact Info:
Name: Diana Ratliff
Organization: Your Friend on the Web
Phone: 5732897376
Address: 801 S Johnmeyer, COLUMBIA MO 65203

Release ID: 57658