Coloring Pencils For Kids & Adults Book Studio Art Rainbow Range Launched

Artists, students, adults and children can get their hands on a new set of 60 coloring pencils that cover a wide range of choices. They come with a carrying case that can double as a pencil holder, and be stored easily in any studio.

A new set of 60 colored pencils has been launched on Amazon, offering parents the chance to get their children a fun gift for the holidays or artists to add to their collection. The pre-sharpened colored pencil set comes with an eraser and a sharpener so customers can get right to work with their pieces of art and keep working for extended periods of time.

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The listing explains that every single one of the colored pencils in the set is uniquely designed and manufactured for art enthusiasts, as well as aspiring and professional artists. In addition to this, every pencil is color coded, so the user can quickly and easily identify them.

A wide range of colors is available in the set, with a range that covers skin tones, bright colors, neons, as well as red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple and black. This means that regardless of what the customer is working on or intending to design, they can use the coloring pencils for their work.

The listing goes on to explain the the coloring set can make an excellent gift for boys and girls who enjoy drawing and coloring in their spare time, or who need artistic equipment for schools. Whether they want to color in super heroes or simply enjoy sketching and coloring, the set provides the depth they need to get the job done well.

Further to this, with the explosion in popularity for adult coloring books, the pencil range is a popular purchase for adults as well, whether as a gift or as an individual purchase. The pencils are described as being ideal for coloring pages, learning rainbow colors, idea development and sketching, as well as being suitable for elementary and college level students.

Customers who buy the product also benefit from a carrying case that, when folded, can act as a pencil holder. Because it’s compact, it is suitable for children’s backpacks and easy organization in any art studio.

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