Colorful Smart Card Expand Their Range Of Metal Cards To Include ID and NFC Capabilities

Colorful Smart Card create premium metal business cards, and are now able to create metal smart card IDs and more, with new product capabilities launched this week.

Cards are becoming an increasingly important factor in our everyday lives, and have come to represent much more than the name and details of an individual or business. Cards now enable people to access their money, as well as being used for identification and security clearances. This has led to burgeoning demand for creative card solutions that can solve novel problems while delivering premium design. Colorful Smart Card ( of Guangzhou, China, is a leading world exporter of premium cards, and has just expanded the capabilities of their stunning metal cards to include, ID, NFC and more.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, allows for touch-cards that authenticate transactions, provide selective security clearance, or transfer other simple information without the need for insertion or a PIN. ID cards can contain a greater amount of information on the individual carrier, such as their image, age, gender and more, making it more difficult for them to be used by imposters.

These increased capabilities mean that the premium metal finish need not only be used for impressive business cards and VIP membership passes, but can now be used for security and transactional purposes too. This opens up the possibilities for businesses to create metal business cards with unparalleled features and functions.

A spokesperson for Colorful Smart Card explained, “We are excited about the prospect of using the latest technology together with the latest design trends, to create premium products at outstanding prices. Metal NFC and ID cards will help clients change the way they do business for the better. Metal cards are one of our most popular products, so we were excited to expand their capabilities, making them more versatile for our customers. We can even create custom sizes of metal cards, with unique dimensions to better reflect the specific ideas of a given brand. This is an exciting time for us and for our clients, who we are sure will see the advantages of these new products.”

About Colorful Smart Card: Guangzhou’s Colorful Smart Card Ltd. was established in August of 2001. The company specializes in the design and production of PVC cards, Metal cards, paper cards and RFID cards. They produce around 50 million cards every year for clients from around the world. They have an excellent customer service and support program together with unbeatable quality and price.

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