Colored Pencils Premium Artist Quality Pre-Sharpened Set In Tin Case Released

Coloré has announced the release of their 48 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set for art school supplies for kids and adult coloring books. The artist quality colored pencils come in a tin case and feature hard and thin leads with smooth texture and rich pigments.

Coloré, an online top class art supply company, has released their 48 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set. The set comes in a tin case for secure storage and is designed for drawing and coloring pages as an art school supply for kids and adult coloring books.

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According to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the original purpose of a colored pencil was for use as a marking pencil. First produced in 1835 by J.S. Staetler, these pencils were primarily is a select few colors including Prussian blue, chrome yellow and chrome green.

As the use of colored pencils evolved, the production of colored pencils for the purpose of art began in the early 20th century, the History of Pencils reports. Along with other artistic uses, colored pencils are used in animation because they are easier to erase than standard graphite pencils, and they don’t smudge as easily.

Coloré’s 48 Premium Pre-Sharpened Color Pencil Set come with high quality pigments and rich color saturation for artist quality results. They are manufactured to handle professional art expressions and beginner artwork and are made from high quality wood for the highest level of durability to keep pencil points from snapping under normal pressure.

The colored pencils feature hard and thin leads to help users make drawn edges cleaner, outlines bolder and letterings more pristine. Each pencil sharpens to a fine and well-rounded point to help bring out delicate details of the user’s imagination or vision on paper, and the set comes in a tin case for secure storage.

Coloré’s Premium Colored Pencils are designed to reduce breakages for developing artists by providing a smooth coverage. The smooth texture and creamy leads of the rich pigment produced by these colored pencils is one that beginner art students and professional artists can appreciate.

The pencils are nontoxic to the health and safety of children and adults. The assorted set of 48 pencils are ideal for a wide range of uses including idea development, sketching, drawing, calligraphy and animation. The colors include skin tones, bright, neon, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple and black.

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