Colorado Springs CO Buyers Agent Association 24/7 Safe Online Services Launched

The Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agent Association has launched services in Colorado Springs. They represent only the buyer and have no individual listings.

Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association has launched pandemic compliant measures to assist home sellers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Clients may now communicate safely 24/7 via the company website.

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The launch of a 24/7 communication system by Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association was developed to make available the best buyers agents for residents of Colorado Springs no matter what the situation.

The buyer’s agents in the association help home buyers purchase the right home at the most reasonable price possible. A traditional real estate seller’s agent works to efficiently sell homes for the maximum price possible, protecting the interests of the home seller.

This association was started to protect the interests of the buyer because the buyer is not protected as much by the traditional real estate process where there may be a conflict of interest with the company’s in-house listings.

The exclusive buyer agents in the association do not have their own listings. A listing agent has an added incentive to sell their client one of their company’s own listings. This is great for traditional real estate firms because they have the potential to earn a double commission. However, it is not necessarily the best option for the buyer because in some cases agents will limit the homes that are viewed, or put forth as the best deals their company’s own listings. In a worst-case scenario if the property is listed by an agent the buyer has decided to work with, another agent in that office may have to be designated to take over the role of buyer’s agent.

The exclusive buyer agents with the association do not have a conflict of interest. A traditional real estate listing agent protects the interest of the seller and can switch roles to even a neutral stance in order to keep the in-house sale. However, an exclusive buyer’s agent is required to protect the interest of the buyer at all times,. It is one of their buyer agent responsibilities.

The exclusive buyer agents with the association work exclusively for the buyer. Because of this, they are in the best position to protect the buyer’s interests. This results in the best possible buying experience for the buyer.

Sarah and Chet, who used a buyer’s agent shared, “He took the extra time, and the extra work to help us find the 100% perfect house. We have a better house with better neighborhoods and better schools.”

As exclusive buyer’s agent services are launched in Colorado Springs the company is providing all buyers with a complimentary list of buyer’s agents for all cities in Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Frisco, Boulder, Grand Junction, and Evergreen.

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