Colorado Springs Chronic Shoulder Injury Therapy/Diagnostic Ultrasound Launched

Cornerstone Physical Therapy is now offering an updated range of chronic shoulder injury treatments to patients in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The practice uses ultrasound to detect rotator cuff tears.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy, a medical center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, announced the launch of an updated range of chronic shoulder injury treatments. The center uses new portable diagnostic ultrasound technology to innovate how rotator cuffs are diagnosed and shoulder injuries are treated.

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With the latest announcement, the team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy are dedicated to providing highly effective and reliable therapy solutions for shoulder pain.

One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is an injury of the rotator cuff. This type of injury can be painful and debilitating, leading to chronic disability and loss of employment.

Although most cases of shoulder pain can be diagnosed by a shoulder specialist or physiotherapist taking a detailed history of the problem and confirming the suspected problems with physical examination tests, the process is often time-consuming.

The team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy combine diagnostic ultrasound and clinical orthopedic examinations to quickly determine the most suitable treatment for each patient’s condition. Thus, patients will not have to wait for MRI and results, and will receive a correct diagnosis of the causes of their shoulder pain as soon as possible.

The medical professionals have the 3D anatomy knowledge required to assist in the ultrasound diagnosis of rotator cuff damage. They know how to hold the sound head and get a very accurate image.

Because of their extensive knowledge and skills, they are able to determine the underlying issue causing the pain and to help patients recover as quickly as possible.

The center has been providing high-quality physical therapy services since 2004. The mission at Cornerstone Physical Therapy is to constantly improve the ways in which their patients are treated.

A satisfied patient said: “I have had experience with Cornerstone Physical Therapy over a 12 year period after three knee surgeries and a rotator cuff repair. I have not found the caring treatment and personal interest in other locations, and I have tried several in different states.I highly recommend them.”

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