Colorado Plumbing Services Company Reveals 2021 Business Resolution to Customers

Colorado based Talmich Plumbing and Heating handles Colorado Springs residents plumbing problems, and showcases social distancing and hygiene procedures in these most uncertain of times.

Talmich Plumbing, a Colorado-based family-owned-and-operated plumbing services company boasting more than 30 years of experience in the industry, recently revealed its 2021 business resolution to customers, promising to help every client put more emphasis on insulating their piping, maintaining their garbage disposals, being more aware of water usage and more. With the pandemic forcing many to stay at home, which has, in turn, led to an inevitable increase in plumbing issues, Talmich reps are sticking to the belief that the business of plumbing must go on.

“A new year is the ideal opportunity for people to consider how to improve their lives – so, it’s no wonder that, most of the time, we start a new year with declarations to change specific aspects of our lives,” says Tom Talmich, owner of Talmich Plumbing. “We promise to discipline ourselves at the beginning of the year so we can have something to look forward to at the end of the year.

“Discipline, however, isn’t just for personal growth and development; with a little discipline, many plumbing problems can be effectively avoided.”

Expert plumbers, such as those employed by Talmich, agree that minor plumbing issues will eventually turn into more widespread problems if ignored, hence why the company stresses to customers that it’s the little things that count – and that they should not overlook the small details.

“If a faucet drips at all hours, banging noises are coming from pipes or water pools around sink fixtures or toilets, it’s imperative that homeowners don’t ignore these signs,” adds Tom Talmich’s son, Erik, who joined the family operation as a more recent addition. “It’s important that customers keep this in mind: It’s less expensive to pay for a plumber to fix something small rather than call a company after something catastrophic happens.”

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While many homeowners are unaware of the intricacies surrounding piping insulation, Talmich representatives believe they should know about certain steps to take that will support the longevity of their home. Insulating water pipes during cold seasons, they stress, can prevent hot water pipes from losing their heat to external temperatures, while insulation on cold water pipes during the summer can dramatically reduce humidity levels inside the home.

When it comes to garbage disposals, Talmich believes it’s best for customers to stop treating their disposals like a landfill – to this end, the company recommends against dumping hard foods, fibrous vegetables, oils, grease or liquid fats into them, with the latter in particular able to coagulate and bungle the entire unit.

“As part of our 2021 resolution to customers, we have also been advising them to be more aware of their water usage,” explains Tom Talmich. “Even the smallest shift in a daily routine can result in a huge improvement when it comes to water savings; some things we often recommend include being more thoughtful of how much water is being used by simply turning off the water while brushing teeth or not walking away from a running shower that has just been turned on.”

In addition to these tips, Talmich Plumbing has been urging customers not to use their toilets as trash cans, to install a home water filtration system, to add drain screens to stop hair from clogging pipes and to schedule routine inspections.

Among the plumbers in Colorado Springs, Talmich Plumbing offers a sweeping array of services, a list that includes water heater installation, water heater replacement, water heater repair, general plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, boiler repair, bathroom remodeling and more.

Talmich is located at 9150 Bellcove Circle in Colorado Springs and can be reached by calling (719) 822-0448. For more information visit their above cited website.

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