Colorado Online Ketamine Therapy | Depression/PTSD At-Home Treatment Launched

Patients in Colorado suffering from a wide range of conditions that do not respond to traditional treatment can now access a new at-home therapy launched by Choose Ketamine.

Traditionally, ketamine has been used as dissociative anesthesia, because it can cause a trance-like state where patients do not feel pain. More recently, it has been gaining attention for its ability to help treat common mental health issues that do not respond to other medications, and patients in Colorado and Nevada can now access it from their homes with a new service launched by Choose Ketamine.

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Though research is still continuing, ketamine in combination with therapy has been effective at treating a wide range of conditions, including treatment resistant depression, PTSD, and chronic stress. The new virtual therapy from Choose Ketamine provides a trained expert that will guide patients through each treatment and create a personalized plan for their recovery.

Choose Ketamine has created an online evaluation that can be completed with no cost and no obligation, which will help to determine if this type of therapy can be beneficial to each patient. After the evaluation, applicants will meet with a certified clinician through a Zoom call for a more in-depth assessment of their needs.

If the clinician determines that ketamine treatment is the right fit for a patient, they can receive an e-prescription and their first dose within 4 to 5 days. Ketamine prescriptions will come in small troches or rapid dissolve tablets, which can be easily dissolved by placing them under the tongue.

Within 7 days of their initial assessment, patients can begin their first treatment, with a trained guide who will assist them through the process over a Zoom call. Clients will never be asked to visit a brick-and-mortar clinic and can address questions or concerns with their clinician online.

Each session lasts approximately one hour and should be followed by a period of integration and journaling. Unlike many standard treatment options, ketamine therapy does not need to be an everyday or every-week treatment for most patients. After two sessions, the clinicians will review each patient’s case, and determine if they require further treatment in the immediate future.

Satisfied clients have said, “Choose Ketamine has provided me with the support I need to return to my normal life and happiness,” and, “I was introduced to Choose Ketamine by a friend and it has been an impactful experience.”

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