Colorado Full Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Tinctures And Creme Products Launched

A new range of premium CBD products for health and wellness has been launched by Happy Buddha Hemp. They provide quality full spectrum products made from the highest quality ingredients.

Happy Buddha Hemp has launched a new range of products on its online store, known for providing some of the highest quality full spectrum CBD on the market. Their products are all natural, organic and potent and come with a full 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

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The site explains that Happy Buddha Hemp is one of the only companies that reintroduces the salts and minerals in all of their products. This gives customers the most complete full spectrum CBD profile on the market.

Newly launched products available in the store include body oils, CBD tincture, face and body creme and salve. These all allow customers to experience the benefits of CBD while enjoying a relaxing skincare treatment.

Founded in 2016 by Kate Povondra and DJ Petz, the company has since grown to be a leader in the field known for high quality service. Kate discovered CBD through DJ when she severely injured her back.

It had such an effect on her profound pain that she was inspired to create her own company to bring that same sense of wonder to more people. On the online store, Happy Buddha Hemp offers a variety of options while ensuring the products stay true to the owners’ principles.

Happy Buddha Hemp explains that the quality of their products begins with high quality soil. Every product is grown in pesticide-free soil, which helps them to provide a quality guarantee. In contrast, the majority of US hemp is being grown on land that has been using pesticides for years.

Alongside this, they focus on the purest and highest quality ingredients with a level of detail that extends to their secondary ingredients. All of these are sourced from like-minded companies, and there are no parabens or harsh chemicals used.

The company states: “Using an ancient alchemic technique, Happy Buddha Hemp is one of the only companies that reintroduces the salts and minerals in all of our products, giving you the most complete Full Spectrum CBD profile available on the market.”

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