Colorado EBA Family Property Exclusive Buyer Agent Real Estate Video Launched

A new video has been launched by Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association. It offers advice on how to find the right home in Colorado and how a buyer’s agent can work with the buyer’s interests in mind looking for the best deal.

Colorado Exclusive Home Buyer Agents Association has launched a new video showcasing the best way to buy real estate in the state. It explains that, when anyone is looking for a new property or trying to find their dream home in Colorado, it’s important to get in touch with an expert buyer’s agent.

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The video explains that listing agents work primarily for the seller of any given property, which means they are trying to get the highest price and best terms. This isn’t always in the best interest of the buyer, and so buyers looking for a new home in Colorado can get caught out.

On other occasions, listing agents can be transaction brokers who owe no duty to the seller or the buyer. They simply do paperwork and cannot provide key opinions.

Another option when looking to buy property in Colorado is to get in touch with a buyer’s broker, who is obligated to promote the interests of the buyers. Among these brokers, home buyers will be delighted to learn about Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association, which dedicates all of its services to the buyers themselves.

All realtors of the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents professional association represent only buyers of real estate. This means that anyone looking for a new home in Colorado can get in touch and get expert guidance throughout the buying process, and further, it’s advice that is given with their best interests in mind.

The association states: “Not all Real estate agents in Colorado are the same. Rather than trying to sell you a home, it is the job of a Buyer Agent to help you buy your perfect home. You can trust your agent to negotiate the best price, because their goal is to help you, not the home seller. This is just one of the benefits of working with exclusive buyers agents.”

Full details of the new video and information on how the buyer’s agency can help home buyers looking for a new home in Colorado can find out more on the URL above. The Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association is a not-for-profit trade association managed by Skyfor, Skyfor also manages the Massachusetts Association of Buyers agents, maintains a national network of top exclusive buyers agents. This list and numerous consumer-oriented educational videos are freely available to the public for all 50 states through the association headquarters.

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