Colorado Buyers Agents Service Releases New Short Videos for Home Buying 2022

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Colorado Exclusive Buyers Agent Association (CEBAA) release new videos and guides for home buying in 2022. These resources provide up to date education for first-time homebuyers or repeat buyers.

Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agent Association (CEBAA), in collaboration with the National Buyers Agents Association has released new extensive guides and videos for home buying in 2022. The strong seller’s market persists throughout the United States including in Colorado, where homes are expected to appreciate at least another 8%. One new short video shows the 5 key decisions that must be made by potential home buyers at the beginning of the process. The guides explain the key traits, skills, and characteristics of top real estate agents., along with good interview questions. One guide addresses the question of whether 2022 is the best time for buyers to buy a home.

For further details and all other guides on the Colorado real estate market, buyers are encouraged to visit

The newly released guides point out the importance for first-time homebuyers, along with move up or down buyers, who are looking to purchase a property in Colorado to have a better understanding of the current market situation. New videos are being produced every week, including current market statistics for winter snow-bird states such as Florida. The Florida median price of a home is also rapidly increasing and popular areas along the coastline are approaching Denver median prices.

The guides also outline tips from some Colorado real estate experts on effective ways to interview both buyer agents and seller agents. CEBAA’s website as well as the national one are designed for homebuyers to have access to a list of exclusive and accredited buyer agents. In Colorado, this covers the big front range markets of Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Denver metro.

Reports have shown that the median price range of single-family homes in Denver and Colorado Springs has continued to increase in 2022, with the median price of a single family home in Denver at over $600,000. The median price of a home for sale in Colorado Springs at typically about $100,000 to $150,000 less

One of the new guides reviews the most important traits for buyer agents. A key trait is the agent’s negotiation skills. And for seller agents, a key skill is marketing. It is very crucial for buyers and sellers to understand the importance of each skill and its impact on the whole buying and selling process. A real estate agent should have at least 3 to 5 years of experience to be well qualified. To sum up, choosing the best real estate agent requires a good selection of top agents to interview so their skills and experience can be assessed.

The guides also highlight the best timeline to buy or sell real estate. Statistically, May and June are the times that most homes are getting under contract. However, December is an excellent month for buying because in Colorado and northern states, sellers are typically more willing to negotiate on price in this cold winter month. On the other hand, the guide also pointed out the fact that every home buyer and seller should only buy and sell when it is the right time for them to do so. Agents always say “now is the time to buy” as this stance of course benefits them. However, buyers and sellers should carefully evaluate their own finances and goals to find a time to buy that is most beneficial for them.

CEBAA is able to provide lists of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents (EBAs) who do not list properties, preventing a conflict of interest. Agent members of CEBAA must demonstrate to their client that their role as a fiduciary agent is to help buyers find and acquire a home that meets their expectations and budget, rather than simply “selling” them a house.

A satisfied home buyer explained why they were happy to have used a CEBAA agent, “He took the extra time, the extra work, to help us find the 100% perfect house. We have a better house with a better neighborhood and better schools.”

Interested parties may visit to see the many resources offered to buyers hoping to purchase in Colorado. They may also explore the many home buying videos at the national site’s youtube channel at There are also many home buying or selling tips found on both the Colorado and national websites,. Visitors may gain instant access to a list of highly qualified and experienced buyer agents for their preferred area.

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