Colorado Buyer Agent Finder Company Releases Selling Agent Assessment Package

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The 10-star seller's agent assessment form provides The ‘must ask’ interview questions and answers, and enables the prospective property seller to confidently select a seller's agent that will work effortlessly with them to sell a property.

Skyfor, Inc, a buyer’s and seller’s agent referral service and real estate educator, has just released a downloadable “How to Choose a Seller’s Agent Assessment” report that makes selecting the right seller’s agent easier.

This report includes the 10 most important questions to ask when selecting a seller’s agent and the 10-star seller’s agent evaluation form that provides good answers to expect of a top-performing agent. This package is ideal for those looking for the right agent to assist in the selling of property.

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Recently released, the downloadable report includes: A 10-star Seller’s Agent Assessment form including 10 ‘must ask’ interview questions to ask a seller’s agent before hiring them. This package is designed to make the seller’s agent interview process a simple one. It is free and available for anyone looking to sell or list a property using an agent.

The 10-Star Seller’s Agent Assessment form provides ‘must ask’ interview questions, including topics such as: whether the agent offers a flexible listing commission, how the agent communicates about the status of the listed property, the method the agent uses to suggest an appropriate listing price, and how soon to expect offers. Overall, this assessment form enables the prospective property seller to confidently select a seller’s agent that will work effortlessly with them to sell a home residence or other property.

The 10-Star Seller’s Agent Assessment form includes a checklist that a potential property seller can use to assess a seller’s agent’s capabilities in representing them. The evaluation form, which has ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ check boxes, includes statements in answer to each question, which are provided to help in assessing an agent.

By empowering property sellers to make informed decisions, Skyfor Inc, educates buyers and sellers and acts as an advocate to deliver up-to-date information to consumers. Skyfor produces a series of tools such as downloadable assessment forms, videos and articles, along with market surveys, so consumers can have the needed tools to get the best price for their property if they are selling, and the lowest price for their property if they are buying. Skyfor also provides consumers with rated and reviewed buyer agent suggestions, so buying property can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

When asked about the “How to Choose a Seller’s Agent Assessment” report, a spokesperson for Skyfor said, “While our primary focus is on the consumer’s choice of the best buyer’s agent, we also track good selling/listing agents as well. Many times both kinds of specialists are needed. Because there is a strong seller’s market across most major cities in the United States, many sellers are weighing the benefits of hiring a selling agent verses simply selling the property themselves. This assessment form helps sellers determine what value traditional seller agents bring to the table and what they specifically will do to earn their commission. .”

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