Colorado Altitude Sickness Treatment Oxygen Concentrators Service Announced

Colorado based oxygen and altitude sickness alleviation experts, Oxygen Delivers, has announced it can help local customers with high quality services and products. It offers oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, and more.

Oxygen Delivers has announced it can help customers around the Colorado area with services and products designed to help alleviate altitude issues. It has served the communities of Colorado for over 20 years, and strives to offer the best service so that more people can enjoy their high country experience.

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The site explains that Oxygen Delivers was started by Erich and Rachel Helbling, after seeing so many people suffering from altitude related issues. Erich is a Colorado native who has spent over 20 years in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado. Rachel was born in Quito, Ecuador, but her Telluride roots go back to 1914 when her grandfather was born the son of a miner.

Oxygen Delivers is a one stop shop for every customer’s oxygen and high altitude needs. A wide range of products is available through the company website, and includes oxygen concentrations, portable oxygen cylinders, respironics evergo, and oxygen bottles.

In addition to this, Oxygen Delivers also provides the appropriate number of nasal cannulas, splitters, extension tubing, masks, humidifiers, pulse oximeters. The company strives to provide all the oxygen needs for every customer.

Many people around the Colorado area suffer from altitude sickness, with symptoms that include headaches, shortness of breath, heart irregularities, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, along with dizziness. 

Altitude sickness has three forms. Mild altitude can cause many of the above symptoms, along with headache, nausea and fatigue. There are other, more serious forms of sickness, called HAPE and HACE.

HAPE is is excess fluid on the lungs, and can cause breathlessness. HACE is fluid on the brain, and causes confusion and clumsiness, with sufferers often acting in uncharacteristic ways. 

Anyone suffering from these symptoms can get fast, effective products and services from Oxygen Delivers to get the help they need. 

Customers can find out how to use products like the oxygen concentrator on the company site. This allows people to success oxygen from their home 24 hours per day, giving a greater peace of mind.

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