Color Caricature Drawing From Photo Online Cartoon Portrait Services Announced

Nick Polydoros announcers his caricature drawing services in Houston Texas. He is an artist with over four decades of experience. He creates both black and white and color drawings live and from photographs. Nick also creates group drawings.

Nick Polydoros announces color and black and white caricature drawings for individuals, events, and parties. The drawing can be made from a photograph or done live.

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People want special events to be remembered. Whether it is a party, a milestone event or the grand opening of a new shop or establishment, the event is best commemorated through photograph and video and now through a drawing of the different scenarios as they unfold.

Nick Polydoros has been working as a professional caricature artist for over 44 years. He is recognized as among the best in Houston Texas by his peers. He does both pencil drawings and black and white vintage style caricature drawings. A specialty of Nick Polydoros is his watercolor coloring by hand of his caricature drawings.

At any fundraiser or company event, a live caricaturist at the venue is a sure way to add excitement and a touch of fun. Unique moments at trade shows, corporate promotion events, awards, and special days such as birthdays or Bar Mitzvah celebrations, can be captured dynamically if an artist is present at the venue.

All Nick Polydoros’ drawings are customized to the people who are his subjects. Nick offers his services also to small events such as weddings, private parties, picnics, and even small group dinners. He also draws group caricatures in black and white or color.

A specialty is drawing freehand color caricatures from print or digital photographs. He also is able to fill in drawings with colored ink. For those who like to transform a color photograph into an old world black and white drawing, Nick is able to provide perfect solutions.

The final price will be e determined by factors such as the size and complexity of the photograph, the number of people in the photograph, the level of customization and the primary and secondary sizes of the people. Nick is known to be very competitively priced and affordable in the industry.

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