Colloidal Silver VIP Announced & Safely Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Fungus's New Upgrade To VIP Membership, Introduces Special Life Time Access For Independent Lab Tested 10 PPM Colloidal Silver & Products. Helps Fight Against Super Bugs & Antibacterial Resistance To Boost Natural Immunity & Better Health

Colloidal Care has announced a new upgrade to their high quality line of 10 PPM Colloidal Silver products, The VIP Life Time Membership.

Watch this and see why the 10 PPM Colloidal Silver Is Highest Quality:

VIP Life Time Membership, has multiple new features, designed to empower people in the Holistic, Natural Health & Organic communities, to simplify & make life easier. By killing 99.9% bacteria & infections, which are proven by 3rd party independent lab tests, has created and even upset many colloidal silver suppliers.

This includes:

Special VIP Life Time Access – Life Time access to all website health products, hair, skin & body, irregardless of quantity, insuring customers the lowest cost and highest quality online.

No VIP Membership Dues – No fees, no reward points to collect, nothing to buy. It’s easy and customers enter a valid email address for access.

Priority Product Access – VIP Members enjoy unadvertised benefits, the public does not have access too.

A full explanation of The VIP Life Time Membership, can be found on the company website,

The changes in the VIP Life Time Membership, was a proactive measure to help people protect themselves much more affordably, with the company’s products. People concerned with the growing Super Bug epidemic (drug resistant bacteria), may decide this is an alternative to stop bacteria mutations, if they have not taken action.

The link below is very interesting and details a severe rise of drug-resistant bacterial Super Bugs, which has been a great concern of public health officials at the Center For Disease Control for many years. The CDC has openly warned health communities & professionals, the mutation cycle of bacteria, is creating an impending disaster they can not control and see they no solution too.

See the article here:…

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for VIP Life Time Membership, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future.

Mr. John Pickett, Marketing Director / U.S. Branch, had this to say:

“It seems the health industry would rather make customers, not cures, as synthetic man-made antibiotics do not kill bacteria enzyme, but allows bacteria to mutate and become stronger. The drug resistant bacteria (Super Bugs) are out of control. Hands down, Colloidal Silver is the oldest & strongest antibacterial known to man as it smothers the bacteria’s enzyme, killing it forever. The results of 10 PPM Colloidal Silver, have been very exciting to the company & customers alike.”

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade, can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of VIP Life Time Membership.

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