Colleyville TX Womens Mental Health Wellbeing Depression PTSD Treatment Launched

Crescent Psychiatry, covering Colleyville, Texas, has updated its mental health services for women looking for expert medical treatment, guidance, and care.

With over two decades of experience, Crescent Psychiatry has announced its updated services for women looking for expert mental health treatment in the Colleyville area of Texas.

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Based in Euless, Texas, the updated services from Crescent Psychiatry can provide mental health services for women on a range of issues such as mood and psychotic disorders, adult ADHD, alcohol, drugs, and opiate addiction through suboxone treatment.

Crescent Psychiatry was founded by Dr. Sabahat Faheem, a Board Certified psychiatrist who has worked in multiple settings, including a state, community and veteran hospitals.

Her experience equipped Dr. Faheem to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Additionally, she can analyze and understand the social, environmental, and biological determinants of mental health problems in her patients.

At the clinic near Colleyville, Dr. Faheem and her clinic staff work to build an environment of dignity and respect for their patients while working towards their goal of providing mental health care of the highest quality to improve people’s lives.

A spokesperson for Crescent Psychiatry said that their mission is to help their patients live a life free of disruptive and destructive behaviors, thoughts, and conditions. Furthermore, their focus is on excellence, integrity, and quality health care and to deliver personalized attention.

The clinic works to provide expertise in both the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and believes that the relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient is of high importance. They aim to go beyond symptom relief and help patients find ways to revitalize their lives so that they can have balance in all of their endeavors.

Crescent Psychiatry accepts insurance plans from a range of providers such as Humana Magellan Health and Anthem. The clinic also offers consultation services for people who don’t currently have health insurance.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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