College Admission Consultant Releases Free Video on College Admissions Process released their free video last week: How to Avoid College Rejection Letters. This video reveals how to avoid making mistakes that lead to rejected applications. Parents can sign up to view the video at:

Downey, United States – August 28th, 2014 /PressCable/ released their free video last week: How to Avoid College Rejection Letters and Missing Financial Aid Deadlines: The ten secrets every parent must know about college admissions, scholarships and financial aid. The video reveals how to avoid making the most common mistakes that lead to automatic rejection from universities. The video also covered some basics about applying for financial aid. founder, Jarad Sanchez, says, “For too long people have been in the dark about what's important and what isn't when applying to college and finding student aid. It's often working families that are left to find this all-important information on their own without any real guidance about what to look for.” This video helps to open the curtains on the college admissions and financial aid processes and gives regular people insights they won't find elsewhere.

“Multiple studies have shown that students who participate in a rigorous college outreach program that outlines the requirements for graduating from high school and graduating university eligible have a higher college acceptance rate than their peers. Unfortunately, these programs just aren't available everywhere and millions of children are being disadvantaged as a result,” states Sanchez. According to Sanchez, applying for college does not have to be hard nor should it be difficult to find financial aid, “Getting good grades should be the hardest part about applying for college, everything else is easy if you know what to do and when to do it.” Sanchez himself counseled more than 3,000 children as part of San Diego State's nationally recognized Compact for Success program.

The video can be downloaded free at:…

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