Collective Cons Mystery Box merging fashion and primary tradelines.

Collective Con is celebrating the launch of their company by offering 50% off their Mystery box. This product is able to be financed and does report to the credit bureaus as a primary tradeline account.

Collective Con is launching its exclusive clothing created by Richard Ferguson and the collection of Atlanta Street artists. Collective Con is an E-commerce company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. As a Celebratory launch Collective Con has decided it will offer its first 1,111 clients 50% off their diamond package which gives them exclusive merchandise and access to finance their key product the mystery box. The premise behind the mystery box allows for artists who wouldn’t normally get sales or exposure the opportunity to partner with the Collective and get their name out there. Now for the consumers, they also allow for that specific product to be financed which is awesome because they do report to the credit bureaus. As of now, we believe they have Transunion and Equifax only but having the ability to have your purchase reported to any credit account is insane. In the simple fact that it’s hosted through their company that means that account is showing up as a primary tradeline and that in its self-benefit is magnificent. This is expected to take place Sunday, August 1st make sure you check them out over at the mystery box.

Where most businesses tend to just Launch and keep quiet about it, Collective Con has decided to be a little more upfront and active within its niche. The owner Richard Ferguson is actively working to provide value across the industry. All exclusive clothing sold through the mystery box will be available during the launch.

Richard Ferguson, Founder Collective Con, says: “We wanted to be First of its kind. Giving a platform to the artist but also focusing on the background mechanics. How do we provide a product that is quality and give multiple benefits Since, there are not many opportunities for expansion within the apparel, what makes sense is to weave industries. With that, he chooses to be active in fashion but also provides the credit building capability. Credit is huge and the tradeline craze is definitely catching traction. With what he disclosed about the future of Collective Con they’ll definitely have their name on the map.

This is a great chance to help us get in contact with local creators. and support an Urban / quality-focused local business.

Collective Con has been serving the Atlanta / Georgia area since 2019. To date, it has served over 400 hundred customers and has become recognized as one of the most popular in the area. It can be found on

Richard Ferguson also said: “While Collective Con may not be industry-leading for fashion, It will definitely turn heads in the consumer finance and primary tradeline space. Many people are under the assumption in which you can buy a tradeline which is simply not true. To have a primary tradeline account report on your credit report you have to finance a product and this is what makes Collective Con mystery box one of a kind. At this point, there are very few companies with this kind of offer.

When asked about the Exclusive clothing created by Atlanta Street artists. , Richard Ferguson said: “We think it’s going to be a hit because Atlanta is the hub, all trends, all things important start here. “.

Further information about Collective Con can be discovered at

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