Collectible Pokemon Trading Card – Expert Appraisal/Purchasing Service Launched

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Collectibles Investment Group has announced the launch of its updated free Pokemon card appraisal services, which are performed by experts experienced in the field of collectible trading cards.

Collectibles Investment Group, a company specializing in purchasing collectible merchandise, has announced the launch of its updated free Pokemon card appraisal services. The company’s team consists of appraisers with decades of industry experience and people passionate about collectibles.

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With the launch of their updated free Pokemon card appraisal services, the company aims to allow collectors to learn the value of their cards and give them a fair price for their purchase.

During the current pandemic, the prices of Pokemon cards have increased rapidly. Due to lockdown restrictions, many had large amounts of free time to spend on hobbies such as collecting Pokemon cards. This has led to a dramatic increase in their price, and certain rare cards have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, it can be difficult for amateur collectors to determine which cards have value.

The team at Collectibles Investment Group helps customers to address this issue by providing Pokemon card appraisal services and offering to purchase high value cards.

The company’s appraisal team consists of experienced appraisers, Rick Probstein and Sean Bassik. Probstein has over 40 years of experience with both sports and non-sports merchandise, and he has sold over $200,000,000 of merchandise over the course of his career. Sean Bassik has been an appraiser for more than 13 years, during which he has bought and sold various kinds of collectibles. Both appraisers have earned a reputation for honesty, and they have extensive experience in assessing the value of Pokemon cards.

The launch of the updated free Pokemon card appraisal services reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to customer service and giving clients the best value for their collectibles.

Clients report having positive experiences with the company’s staff, as a satisfied customer said of appraiser Sean Basski: “He is as professional and knowledgeable as they come. Sean has proven to be an invaluable source of expert advice on numerous occasions and has assisted me in several large acquisitions and sales. I could not recommend him highly enough and will continue to seek out his assistance.”

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