Collars by Kitt Offer Premium Biothane & Stainless Steel Dog Collars & More

Man's best friend deserve to be suited up confidently. Collars by Kitt bring the best out of dogs with a full catalog of quality-made material from Biothane and stainless steel. The catalog include items like dog collars, Martingale collars, with Swarovski crystal option, and more.

Not all dog collars or accessories are created equally. With many dogs having issues when they wear low-quality collars, plus not looking their best, the demand for alternatives is high. The online store, Collars by Kitt, is answering the call with their premium selection of dog collars and accessories, all made of Biothane and stainless steel, with no cheap inferior materials. Popular choices include the basic Biothane dog collar, Swarovski crystal dog collar for the dog diva, and the very popular Biothane Martingdale dog collar. The online store has been met with a very passionate response from proud canine guardians looking for the best for their four-legged friends.

There’s many different collar choices and Collars by Kitt fully realize every collar is not appropriate for every dog or dog owner. Options include buckle, choke, prong, Martingale, and many others. Kitt is very happy to discuss with dog guardians which Biothane dog collar, or perhaps a Biothane Martingdale, or the Swarovski Crystal Dog Collar is the best choice, and what color or other options they’d like to consider.

For those unaware why Collars by Kitt are so enthusiastic with Biothane collars and use it exclusively is because Biothane delivers real benefits that can’t be found elsewhere when it comes to a fully functional premium dog collar. Biothane does not stain or absorb odors, making swimming, digging, play fighting, and doing all other dog adventures perfectly fine without worries of wrecking the collar like it would if the collars were leather or nylon. Cleaning them up is quick and simple requiring only some in soapy water, from which the Biothane dries in seconds, allowing it to be put right back on their faithful companion. Biothane collars are also antibacterial and antimicrobial, and doesn’t stretch or fray.

Collars by Kitt even encourage customers to send a photo of their dog before their collar and after receiving it to add to the fun.

The early customer reviews have been very positive.

Michelle Herson, recently said in a five-star review, “Collars by Kitt is incredible! Her attention to detail is astonishing! Will only buy my collars through her! Well made and gorgeous!”

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