Colibri Trader Shares Secrets of Big Time Traders

Colibri Trader is a famous London trader, trading 4000 lots on a daily basis. His trading education company is named after

After having spent the last decade in some of the biggest Prop Trading houses in London, Colibri Trader has shared his trading strategy with the world of trading. A simple enough trading strategy to be understood by beginners as well as advanced traders, his Price Action Method is used equally profitably by both.

Having worked with some of the biggest DAX traders in the UK, Colibri Trader is sharing his trading strategy with those eager to learn directly from the source. Having spent over ten years in the trading field, Colibri Trader has experienced all sorts of markets and as he is saying “only a few things in trading can surprise me, but they are worth experiencing”.

According to his Price Action Method, while a trading strategy is central to winning trading, money management is the number one factor that makes a difference between a profitable and a losing trader. According to him, “one and the same trading strategy could be used in 10 different ways by 10 different traders”.

That’s what is essential in his trading-his trading method is not only about sharing a profitable trading strategy, but also teaching how to properly execute it, following a set of rigorous rules. Colibri Trader continues: “I want to be able to help as many struggling traders as possible with as much practical knowledge as possible. I want to make a difference from all those self-proclaimed trading gurus by showing traders a step-by-step approach to profitable FOREX trading and practically all other financial instruments.”

If not compelling enough-to make things even more real, Colibri Trader has shown us his trading track record to make our team even more impressed by this professional trader, who has all the reasons not to be shying off in front of a camera. He admits that he does not like publicity, and during the time we had been talking, he was watching a few screens of charts. He did not mind talking to us at the same time, which we found extremely courageous considering the size of the trades he was monitoring.

About Colibri Trader:

Colibri Trader is a famous London trader, trading 4000 lots on a daily basis. His trading education company is named after Colibri Trader’s trading programme has helped thousands of traders around the world gain insights into the mysterious world of Prop Trading and has a trading strategy that promises a 30-day money back option if traders are not happy with their performance after taking the course.


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